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April 22, 2020


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Why don't you take a poll ,(not just from your liberal gaggle) and ask "Have you carefully read Kockamamie Kate Brown's Executive Order No. 20-12?"
Most people haven't.
If they were to carefully read it, they would find that the "stay at home' part is in title only.
Everything that I do on a daily and annual basis is unchanged other than I can't see my barber, eat at our favorite restaurant, or go to Pentacle.
ALL of the businesses that are required to keep my business going are in full swing.
NOBODY is staying home, other than by individual choice or work from home opportunities.
As for "physical distancing"; I love it.
We can keep that in effect forever as far as I'm concerned....

Sweden didn't do the quarantine thing, yet the numbers of SARS-CoV2 cases and deaths are about the same as other European countries that did the lockdown. The scientists are still learning and guessing at our expense. It's a "novel" virus right?

Why are these govt. people so trusted? They have made so many bad calls and mistakes during this epidemic.

There are people that love the power of control when they have it. Power corrupts, right? Certainly it often does . Take that Governor of Michigan and all her silly, arbitrary and unconstitutional rules. Pisses people off. Speaking of which...

Prohibiting surfers in Encinitas, CA from going in the water. Absurd. Their hands are continually being washed. They are the cleanest people alive, except maybe when they have to take a piss in their wetsuits.

However, like Skyline, I enjoy the physical distancing. Let's keep that one. Respect my space please. In prison we say "give me five feet" . It helps keep you alive.

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