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March 18, 2020


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Brian, I hope you have MUCH better success fighting the virus than you will have in fighting President Trump in the next election.
You are going to wake up the morning after the results are in and the headline is going to read

I was stunned by CNN's chief political correspondent Dana Bash commending Trump's handling of this crisis. She usually is on the crucify Trump train, but not here :


As more of the Left sees that Trump is not straight out of Hell, a landslide in his favor still seems just as likely as before this Leftists' dream of economic collapse and pandemic came on the scene bringing the theoretical possibility of sinking Trump.

Of course we need government to administer law and order, defense, assist calamities etc., but speaking in general terms, striving for less government rather than more is the preferable ideal.

People become corrupt no matter what system you have in place.. socialist, capitalist, communist, religious, secular, anarchist, conservative, progressive, democratic and all the rest. All these systems will be flawed by inherent human nature. Power and control (government) attracts people who are driven by those very things and power tends to corrupt.

I don't want such people in charge of health, education, commerce and more importantly.. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So, the fewer of these people trying to tell us what to do the better. I don't want AOC telling me what to do based on her crazy, misguided ideas.

In regard to government, as little as possible is really more.. more freedom, the desire for which is what this country was founded on.

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