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March 04, 2020


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But in the VERY unlikely event that voters chose Biden over President Trump, One should hope that Biden has a VP choice that is good for American families and workers.
Seriously, and this IS NOT meant as snark; I believe Biden will be in memory care before his first year would be completed.
Nobody's perfect, but Joe is a nickelodeon of continuous flubs, bloopers and gaffs these days.
Did you hear his wife after the demonstrators were escorted off the stage? "You're O.K., You're O.K."
CLEARLY, she is already in the caregiver mode. He is in pretty bad shape.

Joe Biden – Progressive?!?

There are lengthy records all over the internet detailing decades of Biden's disgusting right-wing, anti-people and pro-corporate activities and votes.

Here's an excerpt from one of them:


“Economic issues and healthcare are at the top of concerns for respondents, and Biden has not addressed those concerns adequately at all in his campaign, while he leaves behind a trail of conservative economic policy that will likely sink him if the debates come down to him squaring off with Donald Trump. 
“Biden has a 40-year history advocating cuts to Social Security, which harm older black voters. Despite urban communities grappling with soaring housing costs and displacement, he is the only Democratic candidate in the Iowa debate who has not offered an affordable housing plan, apart from some cursory mentions in his criminal justice plan about housing the formerly incarcerated. Further, Biden at times held more conservative positions than Republican hero Ronald Reagan on the war on drugs and frequently sided with segregationists. And this is all before touching his alignment with the banking industry that preys on working class Americans, refusal to embrace Medicare for All, and lack of vision on climate change. 
“Biden’s preference for scolding individual black behavior instead of a racist and capitalist system that has stymied black wealth and health will not resonate for key younger demographics who are also necessary at the polls in swing states. As with the exposure of Hillary Clinton’s criminal justice ideology and corporate ties throughout her campaign, if he is the nominee, increasing focus on Biden’s conservatism will undoubtedly suppress black enthusiasm in swing states where Democrats need it most.”

And just to hammer the point home:

I should have mentioned Biden's very obvious early-stage dementia, examples of which are all over Youtube.

Republicans are already savaging him over this –
– and if you think that's brutal, wait until Trump starts in on it.

Then there's the official investigation just getting underway, into Biden's apparent siphoning of millions of US aid dollars – intended for Ukraine – into his own and his son's pockets. Included with that will, undoubtedly, be the time Biden put Hunter on Air Force Two and flew him to China so Hunter could avail himself of almost a million dollars worth of “investments” into his ailing hedge fund.

All of that will – without the shred of a doubt – find its way into the fall campaign.

The entire official national Democratic party apparatus is fiercely opposed to democracy, and are united in their desperation to prevent the only genuine, small-d democrat in the race from becoming president.

The 2016 election presented voters with the single most ghastly choice of major-party presidential candidates in US history. Now, 2020 seems to be on its way to eclipsing even that horror.

"Joe Biden is a boring old white guy"

-- Are you a racist ? Sounds like it. White people suck. Right?

Why would Biden make anyone's "heart happy"?

First of all it appears he's developing dementia. Not a happy thing. Second, it appears he is corrupt. As Jack Holloway pointed out above, this will not be ignored during the campaign. I think there is a chance Biden could be forced to step down for one or both of those reasons.

On Jan. 27 Pam Bondi convincingly exposed Joe and Hunter Biden's corruption in the Burisma (Ukraine) matter in the following video. She thoroughly and methodically details all the evidence. Plenty of fodder for the Trump campaign..


The author of this Bernie hit-piece is so ignorant of facts and history and so full crap it would take a month to unwrap it all. Just pathetic.

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