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March 01, 2020


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I'm no fan of the walk outs and personally believe it will further discredit and erode the center/independent's support for R's in future elections (or what support they may have had from those constituent groups), but it is a procedural tool that Democrats also used several times when they were in the minority in Oregon. 2001 was the last example, and at that time then Sen. Kate Brown, as minority leader, supported the walk out. That doesn't excuse the tactic or make it morally right or justified in one instance and not another, but to now say that because the "other" side is doing it it's a threat to democracy is alarmist.

GREAT JOB, Oregon House and Senate Republicans!!!
Tax increases should always be referred to the voters.
This is nothing but a tax. It has nothing to do with climate and will have zero effect on climate.
If the bill is so wonderful, why won't Kockamamie Kate and her shorthairs allow the voters to decide:
Answer: They want to jam it down our throats, like it or not.
That is how ultra-liberals roll.
GREAT JOB, Oregon House and Senate Republicans!!!
Keep up the good work!!!

The mass Indoctrination of Climate Change politics:


"I hope that Governor Brown will keep calling a special session every single day until the Republicans return to do their job," OR until the end of her failing term.
If we had a REAL governor, this stand-off would find it's way to an acceptable conclusion.
But unfortunately, Kate IS NOT a leader.
She is incapable of working through this.
So the situation is flipped on it's head.
Republican legislators are taking appropriate steps to deal with her dismal, failing lack of leadership.
All she has to do is refer her new energy sales tax to voters. Can't do it.
It's all about control which she DOES NOT HAVE.

"Democratic leaders in the Oregon Legislature brought the session to an abrupt and early close Thursday afternoon, after THEY were UNABLE to resolve an impasse with minority Republicans over a controversial climate change bill."
Were they "unable" or unwilling?
If Oregon citizens and voters DO NOT want this bill, and it is clear that they DO NOT in light of the Democrats refusal to refer to voters; Who are democrats "representing?"
“This is a failed short session,” Senate President Peter Courtney said before he gaveled out. "
A failed session, a failing bill, moved forward by failing "leadership".
GREAT JOB, Oregon House and Senate Republicans!!!
Thank you for representing Oregon voters, families, and workers.

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