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March 20, 2020


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Trump cancelled flights coming in from China at the end of December. At that time the media was saying he was over-reacting and, of course, RACIST!! Racist Trump up to his typical pattern. He hates the Chinese as much as he hates everyone else except rich white guys. Ohhh, those white guys.

“We’re so far behind this thing at this point. And the reason we’re so far behind is because we’ve had so little testing."

--There were test kits available but they were inaccurate, defective. Trump's fault, right? Not the manufacturer or the CDC.. Not if you have a finger somewhere on your hand you can point at Trump. It's gotta be Trump because Evil's real name is TRUMP!

"Trump is why the United States is facing a massive disaster."

-- The enemy in this thing is the Chinese government who kept the lid on this virus and would not let scientists in to study it. Then it really got out of hand. It's not Trump, it's China that is the problem. If they were honest and not deceptive, if they cared about humanity this could could have been nipped in the bud right then and there there. By THEM!

So, here we are looking for someone to blame. Of course, Trump!! Who else? He's the one! He's also responsible it got into Italy, Iran, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and everywhere else the virus is bad.

"I'll never forgive Trump for making a bad pandemic situation so much worse than it needed to be."

--Again, China is where you need to direct your ire. That is where America needs to direct their collective ire. They've been screwing us over for far too long because prior administrations have allowed them to do it.

Unfortunately, facts don’t disturb the trumpanzees, loyal members of the trump cult whose only source of information is the swill on Faux News. If they or those they love are struck down by this virus, they will have “MAGA” engraved on their tombstones.

"I blame Donald Trump."
At least we get a badly needed break from "global warming".

Let's look at some actual facts for a change.

Trump shut down the US pandemic task force in 2018, leaving us with no agency to take charge of organizing the necessary experts to do what they are now so badly needed to do.

China officially notified the World Health Organization about what was happening, and what was being done and what was being learned, there in China, on January 3.

Then China similarly notified the US government on January 5.

Trump then claimed that the whole thing was a hoax, and twiddled his fingers.

Trump then claimed that the whole thing was a hoax perpetrated by the Democratic party, and twiddled his fingers.

Trump then claimed that "it's only a bad cold," and twiddled his fingers.

The first covid19 death in the US was reported on Jan 29, in Kirkland, WA. Trump twiddled his fingers.

Then, almost two months receiving the warning from China, Trump appointed a superstition-driven fanatic who does not believe in science, to "take charge" of the already-growing US epidemic.

Eventually, Trump began standing at a podium almost daily, and delivering himself of a torrent of lies, lunacies, misinformation and stupidities that continues to this very day, and in the course of all that announces that he takes no responsibility for all the weeks of delay, or for shutting down the one agency that could have taken charge immediately upon notice from China, and in reply to a reporter's question, gives himself a "10" for the way he dawdled and mishandled everything from the very beginning.

But yeah -- it's all China's fault.

It was the asinine impeachment proceedings that distracted the country from focusing on the emerging virus epidemic in China. Now the corrupt media is using the virus epidemic against Trump since the impeachment failed as it was doomed to do from the start as well as the Russia collusion investigation which was exposed as a fraud.

The corrupt media thinks, "Well, all that stuff didn't work. Let's try to pin the virus epidemic on him. We'll just say what we want. Who's going to stop us? We'll make stuff up. Twist it around. Take it out of context. Let's call it the "Trump Virus". What a great label to pin on him! Maybe we can get him yet!"

It was China who denied access to experts and scientists to study the virus and to make recommendations based on their findings. Their reluctance to co-operate is what has contributed to the wild spread of the Wuhan Virus. They have a lot of suffocation on their hands, not Trump.

Trump declared a travel ban from China starting January 31. This has saved many American lives but he was labeled a xenophobe and racist by the corrupt media. Apparently Trump didn't think it was a hoax and a bad cold. He took it seriously months ago.

The Harris Poll says 57% of America think the government is handling the virus crisis well. It is only because of President Trump's assembling a team of virologists and experts in logistics and recruiting massive help from private industry that this virus is likely to be conquered sooner than any pandemic of the past. He has dispensed with a long list of ridiculous federal regulations that initially hampered the production of test kits, which has has sped up the fight against this virus which still has not killed nearly as many people as the regular flu did in 2018–2019.

"Let's look at some actual facts for a change."
What ever President Trump has done right or wrong, the precedent has been set for implication:
The precedent has been set and accepted by lock-step democrats.
Some people have died.
"What difference does it make?"

Well it's obvious that people are putting up responses to others' comments, without bothering to read those other comments.

“He took it seriously months ago.”


Here's a comparison between how South Korea handled their viral invasion, and what happened – or rather, what did not happen – here in the US. Note that the article points out that each of the two nations discovered their first Covid-19 case on the same day.



“On March 12, a startling chyron went up on CNN’s Mid-Morning News after a congressional briefing on the rapid spread of the dangerous coronavirus known as Covid-19. “Health officials tell lawmakers only about 11,000 people tested for virus in U.S.; South Korea testing about 10K per day,” it read, as the visibly shocked hosts Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow pressed their guests for an explanation.
. . .

“After statistics and anecdotes like these were broadcast on CNN that day in March, South Korea instantly became the hottest topic of the day. Americans glued to their televisions reeled in shock from the realization that the US government was woefully behind a country that is often portrayed as owing its democracy and economic system—indeed, its very existence—to the beneficence of the United States.
. . .

“The contrast is particularly shocking because health authorities in both South Korea and the United States learned of their first coronavirus case on the same day in late January, according to an investigation published by Reuters. Seven weeks later, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had tested close to 300,000 people out of a population of 51 million, while the United States is “not even close to meeting demand for testing,” with only 60,000 tests in a population of 330 million, Reuters reported.”

So, one out of every 170 persons in Korea has been tested, compared to one out of every 5,500 in the US (a more than 30 to 1 lag here in the US), though both had the same notifications, and both started with their first case on the same day. (Of course, South Korea does have single-payer, universal health care.)

There are more comparisons in the article which, unfortunately, die-hard Trump groupies most likely will hide their eyes and refuse to look at.

At such a critical time it is not productive to bicker about Trump, but rather to co-operate positively with information that is helpful to people and for resolving and getting through this problem. On "Meet The Press" this morning even an official highly critical of Trump's actions early in this pandemic concede that progress is being made now and that the administration is doing a good job. Let's work together and get through this thing with a common goal in mind.

Moving forward:

Analyst Tomas Pueyo has published an examination of the various proposals for getting the US through the pandemic, and makes a compelling case for the one that he says, though harsh at the beginning, will result in fewer cases, fewer deaths, and the least economic disaster. It is lengthy, but in my opinion well worth a careful read.

Corona Virus: The Hammer and the Dance

And by the way, the article includes a chart – a timeline – of China's actions over the first 38 days since the first appearance of the virus there, based on information compiled by the Journal of the American Medical Association. Notice how rapidly they moved, and how soon they began sharing their discoveries with the world.

Timeline of China's Battle With Covid19:

Dec. 26: 4 unusual cases of pneumonia (3 in the same family) noticed by Jixian Zhang, MD, in HICWM Hospital
Dec 27: Dr. Zhang reported unusual pneumonia cases to the local CDC
Dec 28: 3 more cases found in the HICWM Hospital – total 7
Dec 30: Active case finding begins in Wuhan city
Dec 31: Wuhan Health Commission alerts National Health Commission and China CDC and WHO notified
Jan 1: Huanan seafood market closed.
Jan 7. 2019-nCoV identified
Jan 12: nCoV sequences first shared
Jan 13: nCoV test kits first available
Jan 20: COVID19 a class B notifiable disease
Jan 23: Wuhan city shut down
Jan 24: another 15 cities shut down
Jan 25 – 31 Lunar New Year national Holiday
Jan 30: WHO declares “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”
Feb 1 – 10: Nationwide mandatory extended holiday

Again, I urge everyone to take a careful look at the article linked to above, to see a well-written and very logical proposal for defeating the virus in a way that will, if the author is correct, incur the least loss of life, and the least damage to our economy.

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