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February 17, 2020


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"Instead, what we're working hard to do is win the 2020 presidential election."
AAAAAHHHH-Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!
And how's that going?
Here is some terrible, awful, scary news:
America is going to continue to return to its potential greatness over the next 4 yeas and beyond!
Isn't that just terrible news?
Oh, only if we could go back to the "good 'ol days" of Obama apology years!
TDS and self loathing hatred no longer rules the USA!!!

The cabal owns you lefty progressives. They have a tight grip on your short and curlys. Here's a chance to get clued in:

This is should be an eye opener to those news junkies glued to the mainstream media, NY Times, etc. where you will NEVER hear this stuff.

Q conspiracy explained in 13 minutes, enjoy!..


I always forget, am I supposed to put my tin foil hat on BEFORE or AFTER reading the comments?

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