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February 06, 2020


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"So us progressives are in an awkward period."
I hope by "awkward" you mean an embarrassing moment of realization of failure.
Mrs. Skyline & I are still registered democrats. We have been so since the the day we could vote.
From that era until now, the democrat party has completely abandoned their party and turned into an ultra- ultra, left wing, anarchy driven, race to the swirling in the bowel.
They do not represent or support ANYTHING that applies to our lives.
YES! it is about time that they WAKE UP and ask themselves, "Where are we going with all of our platforms and issues?" And how many votes can we expect to receive from such cockamamie nonsense?
The democrat party needs a total overhaul, top to bottom.
The further left the party goes, the more votes President Trump will receive. PERIOD!
If you hate President Trump, here's something you should hate even more:
THE SUCKY DEMOCRAT CANDIDATES running against him and the cockamamieness of their platform.
Not a leader in the lot of them...

Joseph Conrad, author of "The Heart of Darkness", disdained the "hard, absolute optimism" of "the revolutionary spirit". His father, Apollo, was a Polish leader in the revolution against tsarist Russia (in the mid 1800's), when they took over Crimea and the Ukraine. Joseph's criticism came about at a time when the Polish Nationalist's devotion to their cause resulted in counterproductive actions. There is a reason why "progressives" are called navel gazers.

Bernie declares that the way to win is through enhancing voter turn-out.
THAT is swamp-talk.
He should have said, "The path to winning the election is paved with platforms that voters support. Platforms and initiatives that improve American's lives. Platforms that American voters strongly believe in."
Unfortunately for Oscar the Grouch, and all the rest of the sad democrat candidates; they have none of the above.

Are you part of the YangGang, Brian?

Trump's acquittal was inevitable as soon as the transcript was read months ago, but I have a slight sense of satisfaction for the moment. The State of the Union speech was excellent or the loving and prayerful Nasty Pelosi and the "spark of God" within her would not have torn it up. It is good for this freedom lover to see the control freak leftist progressives taking a gut shot. But the fight will go on and on. It is the human condition.

Thanks Brian. You are so right about the three Progressive candidates that are running for the Salem City Council. They are all terrific! Two have weak opponents who are out of touch with their wards (way too conservative), and one is still unopposed. All three are going to work very hard knocking doors in their wards to get elected. I predict a landslide for all three with the result being an even stronger Progressive majority on the Council next year.

" the lumber trucks have arrived in Salem to once again protest the current version of the cap-and-trade bill to reduce carbon pollution so our planet remains fit for human habitation."

-- What global warming advocates really have in mind. Get clued in. Good article explains it right here:


You should really cover the lack of Democrats in the Marion County Commissioners race. None!
Only one person is running and they are a Chamber Of commerce republican.

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