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February 15, 2020


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Get your pitch pipe out and start tuning up to sing, "All Hail the Chief"!

I too live in Salem, and I'm glad I came across these blogs. It feels nice knowing there are people who share my political views in this city. Of course we have an obligation to vote for the lesser of two evils when it comes down to it. This take though.....I couldn't disagree with anymore.
The idea that we can't "purity test" our candidates or else Trump will win seems really stupid. When people "purity test" candidates, they're looking to see if that candidate will advocate for policies that they agree with, how reliable they are, their history, ect. I'm not sure why any of those are bad things.
Without us filtering out who is a strong candidate and who isn't, we will get stuck with an unpopular empty suit to run against Trump. As a progressive, I feel as though we should be the ones encouraging others to look into these candidates policies, who is endorsing them, their experience, all that fun stuff. The policies they support absolutely matter, and you should have boundaries for what you think is disqualifying in a candidate. That is until we reach the presidential race and...it comes down to it.

Peace and love comrade

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