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February 01, 2020


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Other than the continued piling on, I am not convinced the these trees were "destroyed".
I hope that the Gatti's obtain second and third opinion from expert arborists.
At least, "global warming" won't be to blame for these tree problems.........

OMG, trees grow back unless the ROOTS OR THE TRUNKS ARE DAMAGED. Get over yourselves. Wait until Spring and the trees will look different. You just want attorneys to pay. Grow up.

Skyline and J. Miller -- your ignorance of the Salem Revised Code is showing.

SRC 86.010
"Tree removal means to cut down a tree, or remove more than 30 percent of the crown, circumference of the bark down to the heartwood, or root system of a tree, or to damage a tree in any manner so as to cause the tree to decline, become unstable, or die."

Why does the SRC define removing "more than 30 percent of the crown" as "tree removal?" Because a certified arborist will tell you that it kills the tree. The Gatti brothers killed four mature trees that have probably been there for a half century or more -- and they belonged to you and me, not to them. They need to be held accountable and pay for the value of the four trees that they destroyed, which is what the Salem Revised Code also says they must do.The law is the law. No one should be above the law.

Jim Scheppke; are you a certified arborist?
If you carefully and s l o w l y read my comment, I said:
"I hope that the Gatti's obtain second and third opinion from expert arborists."
I know that reading comprehension is on the decline these days....

Looks like someone better run down to the Oregon Supreme Court building FAST!
OOPS!!! Too late. Nothing but stumps left:

Skyline, you need to s l o w l y read the Salem Revised Code that I cited. It says that when a tree is topped by 30% or more that it constitutes "removal." And tree removal, under the SRC, requires payment of a fine AND payment for the appraised value of the trees. The Gatti brothers can hire all the arborists they want and it won't change their guilt and their obligation to pay the full cost for their misdeeds.

Jim Scheppke, so now you're an attorney as well?
Who do we know that ARE attorneys?
The Gatti's are attorneys, aren't they?
They did say that they intend to appeal the citation.
When the attorneys and judge ( not librarians or farmers) argue and decide the intent and application of the law in this case, we will have an outcome.
Not mentioned anywhere is the fact that 29.98% of the trees were removed, NOT 30% as was accused.
Then, with the expert testimony of certified arborists for a rehabilitation program for the trees, it may be "case closed".
"No one is above the law". Where oh where did you hear that?
Sounds like something from an old Andy of Mayberry rerun...

Skyline raises a humorous point which could lead to some interesting courtroom disputes. It would be difficult to determine the exact percentage of each tree that was removed. A leaf here and a twig there could change everything.

"Skyline raises a humorous point..."
Well thank you, tucson.
But I'll tell you what IS NOT so humorous:
The "lynch-mob" mentality welling up toward a fine, upstanding family and business after a tragic mistake. "Crucify, crucify, crucify!!!!!"
Sad. REALLY sad.
And I still have not read about, or seen pictures of the belly-achers out there with their tape measure, or of them standing at the scales verifying the scale of their HATEFUL accusations.
It was a regrettable mistake set in motion with apparent lack of oversight in my opinion.
Nobody perfect around here.
Again; thank you tucson. Glad to see someone with a positive thought.

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