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February 12, 2020


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"If Sanders ends up becoming president, naturally I'll be pleased"

-- You hate Trump so much you'd prefer to send the economy down the tubes and have a civil war?
Corona virus is a problem but in this country TDS is the more dangerous epidemic.

Remember Brother Brian,
When the polls are closed in November; "You People" re-elected President Trump.
Thank you in advance!

I recall Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan's re- elections with horror, so will not be surprised by Trump's. Even today horrible events, creating millions of mentally ill homeless overnight, causing the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of mentally ill and disabled Americans, all at the hands of cuts initiated by Reagan, who ignorantly exclaimed, "Today I feel like I've won the lottery!" has been swept under the rug. History is written by the victors. History is always a work of fiction. His Story.

Even the founding fathers knew that Democracies were fragile and capricious things.

So they built a little of the imperial into our system, and it has been a constant struggle.

Many people want a king and don't want to be bothered making decisions for themselves. Indeed they find such freedom intimidating and chaotic. What we call humanity is an overstatement.

They like a monster, a beast. A sub-human who will bite the neighbors' children, who licks himself, who needs a thick leather leash, so they can smile and say apologetically, "Oops, I'm so sorry that Fang destroyed your roses, bit your kids and ate your dog!" Smiling, filled with pride and a false sense of total security and safety because they own the beast. Each criminal act becomes a source of greater power and pride in the owner. But the Beast has a nasty habit of turning on those who think they are in control. Most handguns kill members of the owner's family.

Thinking to the past, what we call liberal today was considered conservative by Eisenhower standards.

I don't think Sanders has any illusions about winning. His role is to educate about the practical reality of socialism. To quote Benjamin Franklin, "We all must hang together or we shall surely be hung separately."

This isn't a lesson America has ever learned well. And with each fresh generation, what was once understood is lost about the Commonwealth, social welfare and public education free of religious prejudice, all values of our founding fathers.

At best Sanders' candidacy will have a moderating effect on Trump's second term.

But the truth is, we are further from Democracy now than ever before and moving at some speed and momentum further in the wrong direction.

These re-elections do not reflect on any party. They reflect the simple fact that Democracy has failed, and repeatedly. It's basic assumptions about an informed and intelligent electorate have proved unachievable, and based on assumptions about humanity that are grossly unrealistic

Sorry, Brian – can't go along with you on all of the above. Had Hillary managed to sink her claws into the presidency, there's a good chance that the earth would by this time be covered with a layer of glowing, radioactive ash. It's almost impossible to think of anyone who would be a worse president than Trump, but at least, unlike Hillary, he's not going to (knowingly) provoke a shooting war with Russia.

Yet another hit piece against Sanders, presumably from a person who would be satisfied with anyone except Sanders. Never mind that Sanders gets most of his donations from people of modest means, such as teachers, post office workers, and retail workers.
If you take a look at the crowds that cheer at Bernie rallies, you might notice many women of all demographics there. Bernie has many female supporters, including myself. We are not bros or bullies as you claim. Just women who are concerned for the future and worry that big business will trash our lives.
What worries me is that if a middle-of-the-road/conservative Democrat is elected, that will pave the way for another Trump, or worse.

"Sanders needs to do a better job of telling his supporters that they absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt have to vote for whoever the Dems nominate, because the alternative is another four years of Trump."

Sorry (not sorry), but I won't. Just like I didn't in 2016. I'm supporting Sanders, not a Democrat. The Democrats need to offer me someone who is worth a damn. If they sabotage Sanders again, that leaves them with either some flavor of photogenic but empty neoliberal, or freaking Mike Bloomberg.

In fact I would prefer another four years of Trump over either of those options, just as I preferred him to Clinton in 2016 (no, I didn't vote for him, but I happily didn't vote for her either). When you can offer me is two different flavors of evil, I'd prefer the more incompetent one to win.

Maybe it'll take another of your godawful 'moderate' Republican-lites losing to the most ludicrous candidate in US history for the second time in a row to finally beat it into your skulls that what we need is an actual progressive platform.

Bring back the party of FDR. If you won't do that, than let this desiccated carcass of a party just finally die a final death.

Here's what worries me about bloggers like yourself:

"“The repeated cowardice of the liberal class, which backs a Democratic Party that in Europe would be considered a far-right party, saw it squander its credibility. Its rhetoric proved empty. Its moral posturing was a farce. It fought for nothing. In assault after assault on the working class it was complicit. If liberals — supposedly backers of parties and institutions that defend the interests of the working class — had abandoned the Democratic Party after President Bill Clinton pushed through the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, Trump would not be in the White House. Why didn’t liberals walk out of the Democratic Party when Clinton and the Democratic Party leadership, including Biden, passed NAFTA? Why didn’t they walk out when the Clinton administration gutted welfare? Why didn’t they walk out when Clinton pushed through the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act, which abolished the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, designed to prevent the kind of banking crisis that trashed the global economy in 2008? Why didn’t they walk out when year after year the Democratic Party funded and expanded our endless wars? Why didn’t they walk out when the Democrats agreed to undercut due process and habeas corpus? Why didn’t they walk out when the Democrats helped approve the warrantless wiretapping and monitoring of American citizens? Why didn’t the liberals walk out when the party leadership refused to impose sanctions on Israel for its war crimes, enact serious environmental and health care reform or regulate Wall Street? At what point will liberals say “Enough”? At what point will they fight back?

By surrendering every election cycle to the least worst, liberals proved they have no breaking point. There never has been a line in the sand. They have stood for nothing.”

Chris Hedges on the failure of liberalism:


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