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February 10, 2020


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"This befuddles people, again, like me, ....."
That befuddlement has a name: TDS.
The problem isn't President Trump.
American's DO NOT want any of the self promoting candidates that are running against him.
I have not heard a single democrat say that they put America first.
THAT is the new requisite.


If I may suggest perhaps what you and lots of other Trump haters are missing:
Trump sees through the hypocrisy and mealy mouthed arrogance of the existing establishment...
It’s the same here in Britain, and that’s why there was a majority in favour of breaking away from the EU...

This is not to say that I, nor others who can see through the ruses of the ‘establishment’, are fully paid up supporters of Trump. We just love the way he sees through their same old tired arguments....

Just my tuppence worth, no need for any ping pong please....
“Words alone are certain good....” but not in this case...

Here is an excerpt from an article in the Wall St. Journal which conveniently gets into the hot-cold cognition of Trump although those terms weren't used...From the article:

Quote: "To me, the key to understanding Trumpism is remembering why he was elected.

What do I mean? Voters chose Donald Trump as an antidote to the growing inflammation caused by the (OK, deep breath . . .) prosperity-crushing, speech-inhibiting, nanny state-building, carbon-obsessing, patriarchy-bashing, implicit bias-accusing, tokey-wokey, globalist, swamp-creature governing class—all perfectly embodied by the Democrats’ 2016 nominee. On taking office, Mr. Trump proceeded to hire smart people and create a massive diversion (tweets, border walls, tariffs) as a smokescreen to let them implement an agenda of tax cuts, deregulation and originalist judges.

Those reforms have left the market free to do its magic and got the economy grooving like it’s 1999. The daily Trump hurricane—like the commotion over the Chiefs from Kansas—makes the media focus on the all-powerful wizard while ignoring the policy makers behind the curtain.

Alfred Hitchcock called this kind of distraction a “MacGuffin”—something that moves the plot along and provides motivation for the characters, but is itself unimportant, insignificant or irrelevant. It can be a kind of sleight of hand, a distraction, and Mr. Trump uses his own public persona as a MacGuffin in precisely that way. The mobs decked in “Resist” jewelry fall for it every time.

For example, Sen. Bernie Sanders used his remarks during the Senate impeachment trial to point out that the media had documented some 16,200 alleged lies by President Trump. The MacGuffin worked! Mr. Sanders and his peers are focused on the president’s words, while most voters see the real plot unfolding in America—millions of jobs and rising wages.

The president’s success comes from his ability to shrug off critics. My son went to college in the early days of the social justice power grab. He recalls heated discussions in which someone would interrupt him to say, “Sorry, but you don’t get a say—you have white privilege.” My son would shoot right back: “Yeah, I don’t believe in that,” and resume his argument. That’s what Mr. Trump does. Rather than cower at the criticism he faces from the mobs, he probably smirks and thinks to himself, “Yeah, I don’t believe in that” and tweets away.

That’s the only reaction that can withstand today’s far left, which has become increasingly self-righteous. The very word “woke” asserts a kind of rebornness—as if those on their side have awakened and become holier than thou. It’s RELIGION (note: cap letters are mine.. tucson) on the cheap. The movement takes “diversity” to mean people who see the world exactly as they do, only with different surface characteristics: race, class and gender identity. There’s no room for diversity of expression, let alone diversity of thought. (I’ve confirmed this at Silicon Valley cocktail parties.)

Mr. Trump was elected as an antibody against this swampy disease. He’s the antidote to the snake bite of correctness. He’s a white (privileged?) blood cell fighting the coronavirus of the culture." .. end quote

And now, brothers and sisters,,,lets pray:
Dear Heavenly Father, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bless the Bernie Sanders campaign and let him win the primary in all of Obama's 55 states.
Please, merciful Father, make this up-coming election a contest between Bernie and President Trump.
America has a huge appetite for the biggest republican landslide in U.S. history.
God bless the U.S.A.

Blogger Brian wrote: "This befuddles people, again, like me, who wonder what 44% or so of the country sees in a guy who is so obviously immoral, a habitual liar, and mean."

-- 63 million people voted for him. Why? They were sick and tired of the PC, woke, identity politics culture which is smothering individual rights, free speech and freedom of expression, that sees America as evil, founded on racism and white supremacy, who want to diminish America rather than support and restore what is great about it.

Brian, if you want to know how so many people can support this man Trump who you perceive as vile, vulgar, mean and distasteful you should read these two articles. They get into some of the psychology you discussed without using the terms "hot and cold cognition". Took me less than five minutes each and I'm a slow reader.



My first link in the comment above may be slow to load. Be patient and then scroll down through a blank area to the article about "Trump, existential threat to the new world order".

To Eric Robinson,

Hip hip hooray!. Farage's 5 minute farewell speech to the EU. Historic:


Scared of Trump? She'll scare the crap out of you. There's getting to be more and more like her.


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