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January 20, 2020


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Burn baby, BURN!
And the next time that you plug in that electric vehicle that is made up of 70% petroleum based materials, remember to be thankful for the electricity that comes from "somewhere".

Oh, and Brian,,,,,,
I know that you mainly cater your posts to ultra liberals,
But do you think that the rest of us are SO STUPID as to await the incineration process carefully monitored by the DEQ and EPA at Covanta, with your irrelevant and deceptive picture of open-burning of trash in an open field?
Brian, you are WAY TOO sharp and persuasive to have to stoop to such obvious spin.
Casts a shadow and doubt over the entire content of the post.

Skyline, that wasn't my photo, It was the photo that accompanied the League of Conservation Voters post.

Thank heavens!
I have never, ever doubted your integrity or honesty.
I'm relieved! Sorry to have had to inquire.
Now as to the League of Conservation Voters ....
Not feeling so good about the posting of that deceptive, disingenuous, illustration.

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