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January 26, 2020


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"A new poll, paid for by a group of the state's public-sector unions,......"
HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!
Oh boy; that's a good one!
Maybe we should have the Oregon Farm Bureau, or the Oregon Trucker's Association take a poll?
Thanks for the morning laugh.....

" If Republicans want to defeat bills they don't like, and pass bills they do like, they should work harder to win elections, not throw a temper-tantrum and walk out when they fail to get their way."

-- Isn't that what Democrats have been doing since Nov. 2016?.. Throwing a 3+ year tantrum because they didn't get their way?

Get ready to continue.

Good point Skyline. I agree. Everyone seems to use polls that support their position.
Tucson: Trump has committed "high crimes and misdemeanors", as defined by Hamilton in the Federalist Papers, which specifically included the term "abuse of power". Trump pressured a foreign government to help him win a political contest. The framers were especially concerned about foreign government interference because of the history of such throughout Europe. The Americans also liked the idea of not living under a King and having free elections.
It seems that there are now many who are willing to give up those benefits for a false sense of security and a way to express their totally justifiable frustration with the corrupt government that existed before the Trump takeover.
Real campaign finance reform would have been a better approach than throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

We could argue the points you made all day long, but I think it comes down to this:..

I think people perceive Trump's actions as you do because they do not like the man, his style, manner and demeanor. Therefore you perceive his actions through that lens of dislike. But, If you look at his actions while pretending you don't dislike the man and are neutral about him, you will see there is no crime.

It's like a man that a woman perceives as sleazy because she has had unpleasant experiences with other men who dressed and spoke as he does. He pays her a compliment saying he likes the jacket she is wearing. She is insulted and thinks he is coming on for sex when all he was really doing was paying her an honest compliment and had no ulterior motive. She quickly exits fearing he is about to molest her.

It sounds like what you are saying is that I am afraid that Donald Trump wants to molest me.
Seriously, though, he is the only orange faced clown I know of, so there is no other person that I am confusing him with.
I am a pool player. I thrive when in the company of those with his style, manner and demeanor.
I just don't want many of them to have any real power. He was great as a reality TV host, but, as is often the case, people tend to rise to stations beyond what is appropriate to their abilities.
When I call him an orange faced clown, I do not mean to be particularly disrespectful - just descriptive. Our friend Bill Maher recently said, while showing clips from campaign rally speeches, that he is a good comedian

But here is the catch-22 we're in Kurt; If you don't vote for President Trump, then whom?
As a registered democrat all of my voting years, someone that voted both times for Bill Clinton, I DO NOT want any of the radical leftists running in the democratic primary in charge of our country.
An as for Uncle Joe (who's movin kind'a slow) Biden; he belongs in a memory care facility.
President Trump is going to win again MAINLY due to the ultra, ultra, radical leftists that most American's DO NOT identify with.
I do not agree with ANYTHING the democrat party stands for today. The democrat party that I signed onto as soon as I could vote has abandoned main stream America. The democrat party of our parents era no longer exists.

Skyline: Damned if we do and damned if we don"t.
Our choice seems to be between left wing fascism (Brave New World) and right wing fascism (1984).
And so it goes. The situation is desperate, as usual.

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