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January 07, 2020


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Shocking bias, arrogance, gullibility and ignorance by the blog host on this topic.
The impasse is so great I don't even know where to begin.
So I won't except to say CNN and MSNBC are "news" outlets run by and for those who bear the qualities mentioned in my first sentence.

Why do the intelligent buy this crap? Wake up!! They own you.

Your curious support for Iran, led by a government that hangs gay people to death from construction cranes, suggests that your prior posts on local LGBT rights have been rather insincere and sanctimonious. You appeal to Iran to “avoid the temptation to respond to Suleimani's death with your own killings”. Are you really that unaware about the direct role Soleimani played in the killing and maiming of thousands of American servicemembers, civilians and allied forces through IEDs and other terror attacks, or are you just willfully ignoring it to support your shaky narrative? My son is an active duty Navy aircrewman deploying to the Middle East this week. I’m relieved that Soleimani has finally been killed. The fact that it was Trump who ordered the strike makes no difference in that.

Anyone who supports Iran is an enemy of America because the stated goal of Iran is "Death to America".

I repeat: "Death to America". That's not rhetoric. Thousands of dead Americans is proof of that.

The bloggers statement, ".. Iran hasn't done anything to justify an attack against them," is asinine and reprehensible. At best, grossly ignorant.

Why does he support a radical, extreme religious regime whose policies are death, murder and destruction based on that religious belief? Yet Brian has a whole blog, "Church of the Churchless" devoted to the delusion and harm done by religion. What a hypocrite!!

Justin was admirably polite and restrained.

Thanks to Justin's son for his service.;

Tucson & Justin Take a breath for a second.
I think you're missing the point; the big picture.
So here goes:
Liberalism = Failure.
Make a list of almost every single problem that plagues humankind and you can trace each item back to ultra-liberal, cockamamie, idiotic, nonsensical, self loathing, liberal psychobabble.
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
Should we beat up on those afflicted that are less fortunate among us?
Ever heard of the American's with disabilities act? It came about in the 1970s to give reasonable accommodation to those with disabilities.
We must be kind to those afflicted with this hellish plague..
A better response would be, "Thaaaaaats Niice!"
The rest of the world has real work to do.....

You're right Skyline. Pat them on the heads like upset children. I should have more compassion for the troubled and deranged. I suppose if all I listened to was Don Lemon, Chris Mathews, Rachel Madcow, Chuck Todd, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, MSNBC, CNN, network news, NY Times, Washington Post, Stephen Colbert, Pelosi/Schumer, the Hollywood crowd, et al, I too would become incapable of rational conclusion.

What I think is going on is a subconscious psychological ploy often seen in those with difficulty coming to terms with their neuroses. It is called transference where the afflicted see their own weaknesses, problems and perversions reflected to them by others.

In the case of the political left in this country this transference is to Donald Trump.

An inhaler of cannabis, progressively inclined or otherwise, might find some alternative ironic comic relief watching the "Kennedy" show on Fox. She used to be a player on SNL and on her good nights is quite good at satirizing all the leftist hypocrisy and foolishness of the deranged Left.

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