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January 15, 2020


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Life cannot be controlled through individual volition although there is the illusion that it can be. Life arises and recedes of its own accord.

This is not to say nothing should be done about perceived problems. That something which is needed or not needed runs through us like a river and takes its shape via variables such as slope, terrain, objects, temperature and diversion. So we act as circumstances dictate, not as we dictate circumstances. If a system or structure fails we find ourselves taking what seems to be corrective action or sometimes we fail to act at all. Often it is not known what the appropriate action should be or even if it is needed and failure to act yields a better result. It just happens as it will, when it will, because life moves. It is never static. Generally, what creates harmony is sustained until it fails of its own accord and another course reveals itself and replaces the former by natural selection rather than artificial coercion.

Democrats, symbolically, feel that they can control circumstances and outcomes and this control is usually in the form of laws, rules, regulations as dictated by government. Government is seen as the supreme source of fairness because individuals cannot be trusted to be fair or righteous. In extreme cases government attempts to force equality, but government can be as fallible as any individual. Just as wrong. Just as corrupt. Potentially, as much the originator as the resolution of a problem.

Republicans, symbolically, prefer the freedom of the river without the imposition of artificial constraints, the effect and consequence of which are difficult to ascertain. There is the preference to let life come as it may without the overbearance of excessive government control, to go with the flow of a shallow calm course or the cascading rush of a waterfall. There is not the denial of imbalance and seeming inequities, but the republican path prefers the freedom of individual design and not the tyranny of ideals, intemperately imposed by government, knowing that in either idealistic view suffering and its relief will manifest as a matter of course. Pressure becomes release. Release becomes pressure.

During the course of events emphasis may shift right or left of the center of balance as circumstances dictate. Extreme diversions from center lead to chaos, disorder, suffering and failure.

Homelessness is a symptom of a deep and fatal structural problem in the nature of a capitalism that treats workers as just a necessary evil in the cost of doing business (and a cost society has to bear until such point as we remedy the underlying problem).

Richard, Do you have a suggestion to remedy the underlying problem you perceive?

Can someone please calculate the ratio of homeless to the rest of us?
Is it 50% homeless.
That would indicate a big problem!
What is the ratio? Very, very small.
Watch the video on the Statesman Urinal website.
How many illegal aliens do you see in the video?
Answer: NONE!
The reason is because they QUICKLY secure work and housing, just like all of the rest of us have done.
Take a closer, CLOSER look at the video:
Most caught on camera are kids that cannot follow rules at home, in school or on a job.
To them I say, "Work, or starve".
Homeless has NOTHING to do with capitalism and EVERYTHING to do with failing, ultra liberal fueled decay of society.
Meanwhile our downtown core is turning into a ghetto.

Skyline –

Your sense of compassion is exemplary, much like that of Ebenezer Scrooge.
As you should know, but most likely do not, there are in general four categories of persons who inhabit today's homeless camps. Can you identify those categories, and describe for us the circumstances which drove the inhabitants of each of those categories into their homeless condition?
If you cannot do so, then by attacking these persons publicly as you have done, you are merely putting vast ignorance on display.

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