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January 18, 2020


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Don't give them a single red penny.
If you want to help with housing, extend that help to starving college students working hard to pay their own way.
I was one of those, many moons ago.
I received no help whatsoever but always paid my way INCLUDING a roof over my head.
EVERY SINGLE U.S. citizen is homeless until they're not.
And almost everyone in our VERY SUCCESSFUL democratic republic secures housing, easily.
Don't make up excuses for those in our society that have fallen victim to failing liberal, cockamamie,
lifestyle choices.
Mental illness is a totally separate issue that needs to be dealt with, "homeless" or otherwise.

Excellent idea for the commuter tax and we should cancel student debt as well!

90% of those homeless are addicts that are too trapped in their addiction to care about anything but drugs. Raising taxes is going to make it even less appealing to work when if you don’t you can have everything given to you, food shelter, phone, insurance, etc.

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