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January 24, 2020


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Gatti is another member of the Salem oligarchy, immune from the consequences of his actions and delighting in rubbing the public’s nose in his arrogant disregard of city ordinances. Of course city staff will let him off with the proverbial slap on the wrist. As for the average citizen, heaven help you if you even scratch a tree trunk.

What street is this?

Amusingly enough, one of its lawyers is facing domestic violence charges!
In Statesman!

I know of a business owner who regularly trimmed trees on his property because they interfered with sidewalk traffic and street traffic. The City would not take care of them and the trees were a safety threat (The Gatti trees were much more severely trimmed).
Gatti seems to have no problem announcing that "Whateva, I'll do what I want" (Eric Cartman on the Povish show) but he can do that. He's no fool.
I don't pay to read the local rag, so I don't know whether the death of the trees is exaggerated (and I would probably still not know if I were to read the article), but we may want to wait a few weeks to see just how dead they are. It seems that spring is already here.
Daffodils may soon be emerging, as they did last year.

Defiantly an idiotic pruning job.
But depending on the type of tree; you may be surprised at how beautiful those trees are in a few years.
I had an uncle with a large property on High St near Bush park. He always pruned his trees like that.
They always sprang back into beautiful trees.

Kristy, the Gatti building is at the corner of Liberty Street and Superior Street. The first photo I shared is of a Liberty Street tree. The other photo shows three trees on Superior Street.

I second Skyline's opinion that the trees will recover much of their former beauty, in time. The tree in the picture does look pretty bad. It will take a while.

When I was living in So. Oregon my neighbor decided to cut down a grove of beautiful old growth pines on his property that really added beauty and character to the area. It was a shock to see them gone. Nothing but slash and stumps left which, to finish the job, was burned causing smoke to fill the air for a week or two.

He got $8,000 for the trees which he used to buy a used red Mustang convertible for his late-arriving mid-life crisis at age 75.

I was pretty pissed and filled with disgust even though they were his trees and he had a legal right to cut them down. I spoke to him little after that display of core values and, for a variety of reasons, moved away from that part of the valley soon after.

Mrs. Skyline & I noticed that there are many, many trees along Commercial and Liberty St that have been "pruned" in this manner in past years and recovered nicely.
If you drive from South Salem into downtown and look closely, you will clearly see that this method has been employed along solid blocks of trees in the past, but in a much more deliberate manner to design the shape of the tree in the future.
Not knowing the type of tree makes me hesitant to speak out of turn, but I'm guessing that all that is needed s to bring in a professional to touch up the job.
The main problem here is someone operating outside of the law, and with low information.
MUST have been a liberal!

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