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December 18, 2019


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Today was a GREAT day for America.
It provided an excellent backdrop for those deciding how they will vote in 2020.
Don't worry. The adults in the senate will dismiss all of this cockamamie nonsense in short order.
I am very grateful that these proceedings were out in the open for all to see.
These sneaky, snide, underhanded, hateful, stuffed shirts are EXACTLY what voters voted against last time.
When the Trump landslide unfolds in 2020, we'll see just who bamboozled who.
FIVE more years!!!

I would say that it is indeed an excellent time to find out whether people are so dissatisfied with so called representative government that they are willing to go back to what existed before it came into being about 244 years ago (a spectacularly long time for a democratic style government - a record perhaps - and a testament to the strength and beauty of the Constitution)

This deranged obsession with Trump is being revealed for what it is.

The high tide line for the “resistance” has been reached. The House voting to impeach Trump was it. Pelosi will delay sending the impeachment to the Senate for a vote in order to milk it for all it's worth as long as she can, but the hysteria will recede because the Senate will banish the contrived action and everyo9ne knows it. This asinine, vindictive, partisan impeachment will damage the Democratic Party come election time as many Americans realize the rank unfairness of it. The absurdity of it.

All presidents have “Executive Privilege “ which means they can legally fight Congressional subpoenas. Thus, the Obstruction of Congress charge is foolish.

As for the Abuse of Power charge, that could have been lodged against every single Chief Executive who has served. Think JFK and the Bay of Pigs. Consider George W. Bush and the invasion of Iraq. Contemplate Abraham Lincoln suspending Habeus Corpus. How about Barack Obama misleading Americans about federally funded health care?

The impeachment play is pure politics and has damaged the country. Trump committed no crime. For their shocking, ill-considered behavior the democrats will pay a big price come next November, not Trump.

The whole thing is a ploy. Democrats know they can't beat Trump so they pull this stunt which serves only to divide the country. Democrats are the perpetrators of this. Not Trump

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