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December 06, 2019


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Actually, the problem is very simple to solve:
Work or starve.
This is a principle that has worked for you, me and all that have gone before us throughout history.
The elderly, disabled and VERY FEW others should take exception.and get our help.
For all others:
Work or STARVE!

Dear Skyline --

Please post your contact information, and give the number of homeless persons whom you will hire.

Here you go, Jack.
I'm sure Hitlery could have done better:

Skyline --

You haven't answered my question about how many homeless persons you will hire.

As to the unemployment figures, every administration from Nixon onward has fiddled with those numbers until they are meaningless, and have come up with several different tricks to push the numbers down, and down, and down. (Do a search on "The Birth-Death Model" sometime.) John Williams, proprietor of Shadowstats.com, has been publishing the actual numbers (currently above 20 percent) for years, arrived at through the amazingly brilliant method of -- guess what -- counting all those persons who do not have jobs.

Now again, how many homeless persons will you hire?

I am not homeless yet but I am looking for work so that I can pay my bills and stay in my house. I am working hard applying for jobs and educating myself so I can be a great employee. Everyday that I don't have an income I worry because I am afraid I will lose my place to live.

I am glad that we are working on the homeless but please please do not forget about me and probably many other people who are trying to scratch out a living so that they can pay their bills and stay in their homes. I would participate in something to help me to re-enter the work world. I need a job I have no criminal record and a college degree all I ask is please don't put a job training program up on a hill and make it a necessary requirement that I be homeless and living in my car before I can get help. If they are going to put thousands of dollars into a community to help pleases let all of us partake of it that's what I am asking for. I can't afford to take classes in school and so my training choices are getting very limited, the ones that are out there for me that I can afford I am participating in. This idea at Hillcrest and other places might be good but don't limit it to just long term homeless I am trying to help myself before I get to that please. Please help me too, the people looking for work and the working poor too. Thank you

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