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December 21, 2019


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The real estate industry and the Chamber will blame the "liberals" for the 3rd bridge fiasco (not their fault) and the PacWest fiasco (not their fault) as part of their strategy to convince an uninformed public to allow them to recover the power that they have recently lost.
Unless the humanists put their money and their efforts where their ideals are, the experienced politicos will create a storyline that will go essentially unchallenged. Salem Weekly is no more.
Life in the trenches can be quite brutal. The loss of Cook and Kaser is troubling.
Hopefully, in the future, there will be "liberals" on Council that don't have to have the determination and stamina of lawyers to survive.
I am not optimistic. When Council direction changed in 2001, the left just rolled over and watched as everything they worked for was taken away. Not a peep. So polite.

Because part of Councilor Kaser's ward is in West Salem ("the flats") she was beat up pretty badly by the pro-3rd Bridge advocates led by the Evans brothers. They said she "betrayed" her constituents in West Salem with her opposition to the bridge. In fact she was standing up for her constituents, particularly in the Highland neighborhood on the east side of the river and in the Edgewater district on the westside. The "Salem River Crossing" plans indicated that approximately 100 homes and businesses, mostly in those locations, would be "displaced" by the project. That's a polite term for "bulldozed." The project would have also done great harm to Wallace Marine Park. Kaser's constituents owe her a great debt of gratitude for helping to prevent this terrible destruction of their neighborhoods and their park.

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