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November 27, 2019


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Sounds like a lot of imagination to me.

Which is why it doesn't stick.


Brother Brian, I have always appreciated through your blog the amount of gratitude you have for the world around you.
We share that trait.
For those, like you & that have done well in life; gratefulness and gratitude for all that made our fine lifestyle possible should (in my opinion) be in full display.
My dad spent over 200 days as a German POW in the Battle of The Bulge.
Our entire existence as U.S. citizens and the freedoms that we enjoy is rooted in sacrifice.
Irresponsible, cockamamie, ultra-liberal, failing policy serves only to undermine our hard earned freedoms.
President Donald Trump has a lot of faults. His ego (similar to yours) tops the list.
Keeping his mouth shut is another skill he can't seem to master.
But in the final analysis, he has been the perfect PRESCRIPTION for America, warts and all, to get us back on track.
Spoiled rotten, ungrateful, red diaper, doper's offer a bleak future for us all.
Get ready for 5 more years of American leadership in the world, thanks to president Trump and ONLY president Trump.

As a result of Brian's curiosity, intellect and indefatigable search for truth (especially on Church of the Churchless in years past) his blogs have stimulated much dialog and information that I have learned from and that have stimulated my own intuition and understanding. I appreciate that. Merry Thanksgiving. In light of that I don't see how he comes to some of his political positions except maybe it's because politics is as much an emotion as it is an objective thought process.

I completely agree with Skyline's comment above (11-27, 10:07 PM)

Trump ("warts and all") is the best president of my lifetime. His ego is now tied to the success and prosperity of this country. He is a force to be reckoned with. The guy is tough. Very few could withstand the years of perpetual lambasting he has taken from the deluded, dishonest, biased media. He carries on despite the onslaught of petty whining, distortions and false accusations of his detractors. The economy is good. Unemployment is down. Isis is defeated. We're getting out of prolonged wars that serve us no purpose. Something is being done about the unethical Chinese that no one else had the guts to do. Our military is being revived (peace through strength). We're getting out of bad treaties and deals. Unreasonable and wasteful regulations are being rescinded. The Wall is being built and although Mexico is not "paying for it" they have been induced to assist in reducing the numbers crossing illegally. The corrupt Deep State is being rocked. More of that to come. Five more years!

I think we already are in a Civil War. Guns aren't blazing yet but that could be around the corner. There certainly is an 'us vs them' mentality going on. A chasm that is very stark, very deep. People on both sides are angry and frustrated. A political civil war. We don't understand them and they don't understand us. Trump's re-election or defeat won't solve the problem.

I think the only thing that will unite the country, and humanity for that matter, is something like an asteroid on the way, the size of the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. Then it will be the left and the right united to solve the problem. We finally will see ourselves as one humanity with a common goal, to survive. Impeaching Trump will pale to insignificance. To the pettiness it really is.

not too long:


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