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November 12, 2019


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I understand that there are a couple of portable toilets that can be provided for the homeless but the city won't let them be placed anywhere near downtown? I know people who work who are homeless and the cost of rental housing has become extreme. Now, the largest growing segment of the homeless population are elderly--they are getting priced out of rental housing in particular. I don't know enough about what's happening with the nonprofit sector here in Salem, but I'm going to find out because the city seems to be acting like a deer in headlights. We have a mayor who doesn't like tiny homes--well isn't that too bad, Chuck. If tiny homes will help to alleviate some of the problem--suck it up Chuck-a-luck.

"..the key homelessness issue: lack of homes for those who need one."

--The key homeless issue is that many homeless actually want to be that way. They have checked out. Provide them a house and they still will sleep in the park, doorway, drainage tunnel or whatever.

"Somehow we've got to break the gridlock that's preventing the United States from becoming a genuinely caring, compassionate democracy."

-- Well, Democrats can quit this insane 'get Trump' agenda and impeachment BS and get on with work on real issues.

"Meaning, Salem needs to adopt a Climate Action Plan that lays out ways our city can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Yet global warming is such a vast problem, every city, every state, and every country on Earth has to do its best to deal with the problem"

--What if the problem isn't global warming but an impending ice age? Fact is, nobody knows what is going to happen with the big climate picture or why. What if this guy is right and everybody is ignorantly running around trying to fix warming when cooling is the real impending problem?


The link I provided above in regard to climate may not work for some readers, all 2-3 of you. Here is a youtube link to the same video which should work better.


Well at least Brian didn't spin a connection between "global warming" and homelessness like he did with his tree's beetle damage.....

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