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November 07, 2019


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Thank you for laying out all of the reasons to Vote for Sund.
I hadn't really paid that much attention but you made it pretty clear:
Sund, all the way!!

This is absolutely NOT what Oregon needs! especially salem. This guy reminds me of pete buttigieg a young guy that acts nice yet is a cutthroat republican that uses fiscally conservative and wants to help working families yada yada yada no Republicans in this nation never work for middle class families or working families they give huge tax cuts to the wealthiest they want to stop regulation of any private business because they can get away with offshore accounts and scamming.

Republicans always act like the environment is not important it's some myth. they call anything that is tax payer health care or college is considered socialism yet police firefighters public parks yet they don't want to pay for a public schools have more funding. my suggestion Mister cornhusker if you don't like Oregon's left-leaning policies and progressive future get out of work again and go somewhere else and run I suggest maybe Alabama.

Dear Dk
Pete Buttigieg is a Democrat. Who were you thinking of when you wrote that post?

Ward 7 must love paying taxes. That's the only reason I can understand why as you (Snark) would say that they voted overwhelmingly for Clinton over Trump.

This article so distorts the issues in attempting to portray Reid in a negative light, while glorifying Nordyke his competitor, who has openly proclaimed her position of MORE taxation. Interestingly, more payroll taxation will hit ALL working class taxpayers , and NOT just property owners! So those likely in favor of Nordyke better be prepared to PAY the Piper (government)!

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