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October 10, 2019


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"Global warming is real. Building unneeded roads and bridges always has been a bad idea. Now it is a horrible idea that can't be tolerated if our planet is to remain fit for human habitation."
Other than this "Unhinged" cockamamie nonsense; Great post!
We all need to come together and identify one increasingly apparent, NEGATIVE aspect of American Governance: CLUELESSNESS!!
The 3rd bridge fiasco was so wrong, "It wasn't even wrong"
Dr Walter Lewin has from time to time quoted a noted physicist that, after receiving possible solutions to his problems, would find "solutions" so far off that he labeled them, "Not even wrong"!!!
Practical example: "I planted and watered tomato seeds but none of them sprouted. What went wrong"?
Answer: "You were either out of gas, or the battery was dead".
The answer was so wrong, IT WASN'T EVEN WRONG!!!
The 3rd bridge solution was so wrong, IT WASN'T EVEN WRONG!!!
We all know the right solution. We'll just let time pass and it will eventually happen!

O.K. This bugged me all day.
So I looked up one example for you.
Watch Dr. Walter Lewin read his students the Riot Act over "solutions as ridiculous as the 3rd bridge "solutions":

Skyline wins the "getting to the gist of it" award.
This project never had a chance.
ODOT understood how these things work. The City and the bridge advocates did not.
ODOT needed to act like the responsible parent who steps up when the children misbehave and act out when their "I want that" impulses took over.
It has always been ODOT's legislatively mandated duty to construct a third bridge. They somehow convinced themselves that, with a little bit of encouragement and support, the City and their partners could accomplish what was virtually impossible.
ODOT has always known that obtaining matching funds from the federal government has always been the only viable way to make this project happen, but, in thirteen years of discussion, I never heard this fact discussed.
Kristopher Strickler just became the new ODOT Director. He pledges to uphold ethical standards and promises that integrity is one of his top priorities.
Perhaps another attempt could get traction, but I doubt it.
ODOT's interactions with the City and the bridge supporters have left a bad taste in their mouths and, with the rejuvenation of the Columbia River Crossing Project, funding will now be much more problematic than it was during the time when the City blew what may have been the last opportunity it will have for decades to come.

"Global warming is real. Building unneeded roads and bridges always has been a bad idea. Now it is a horrible idea that can't be tolerated if our planet is to remain fit for human habitation."

Stop buying and driving cars then. Not only will fossil fuels not be burned in the manufacture of vehicles and making them go, fewer bridges will need to be built. People can just use zip lines to get to the other side. Wait, that is a bad idea too since fossil fuels are required to make cables, pulleys, etc.

Rope or vines maybe?

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