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September 19, 2019


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Well, wife & I have been registered democrats for over 40 years.
In the last several elections we have voted for exactly one (1) democrat and no others:
Kurt Schrader. Are we the only ones?
So there's that......

Gee, about the only thing missing is the overt racist program the Republicans have pursued since the Goldwater days. Which raises a question. Since the U.S. birth rate is at just replacement level, or even a little below, and the baby-boom generation is aging out of the labor force, where are the new workers going to come from? There is only one answer--immigration.

After reading the Republican Platform in its entirety l am reminded of why l support without a doubt the Republican Party. Can you post the Democratic Platform for 2019 so readers might compare and comment as well?

Vincent A. Van Der Hyde says: "There is only one answer--immigration."

-- LEGAL immigration. Orderly immigration. Not people climbing walls and wading through the polluted Tijuana Sloughs. The Wall is good and it is getting built. Orderly immigration is better for the immigrants as they will have a definite place to go for employment, food, water and shelter instead of begging on a street corner, sleeping in bushes and stealing. Dying of heatstroke in the desert or in the back of some coyote's truck is bad immigration policy.

Anyway, fewer workers are going to be needed due to A.I. and automation. A lower birth rate will help solve unemployment issues.

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