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September 24, 2019


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Of Course, President Trump will not be impeached.
But just for fun, let's go into the imaginary, dope altered, clueless, liberal world, and see how things turn out.
Remember; liberal "solutions" equal failure. That is set in stone.
100 times more pro-life than President Trump.
GREAT JOB, Liberals!!!
You people are smart ones, you are!!!
HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!

Brian --

With respect to the crimes and misdemeanors of the Biden family, you might want to take a look at this:

Biden Family Misuses Federal Office for Million$ in Payoff$

And not just in Ukraine -- China, too.

(The added title is mine, not from the site)

It must be just overwhelmingly frustrating for the Left and their arm, the mainstream media, to not be able to get Trump. Developing any nervous twitches and skin rashes lately? You guys just can't get him. He survives all your attempts. He's still here thriving. Why? Because when Trump's opposition looks at events and information their view is clouded by rabid hate for the man. You can't think rationally. Your bloodshot eyes can't see clearly. So, anything you do is based on a foundation of hate and nothing else. Nothing concrete. Nothing real. Certainly nothing impeachable.

Now, as with the Muller report, you are once again forced to use twisted imagination to read between the lines of the current transcript to find hints of an impeachable offence because there is none apparent. Your hopes have been dashed once again. You're not going to get him! You have failed once again! That must really suck.

I understand your fear that the only chance of winning in 2020 is to smear and stain Trump or hope for a recession that will hurt most Americans including yourself. It's all you have because in the realm of policy and ideas you have nothing to offer but draconian measures that America will not accept, and you know it.

It will be Trump for five more years.

GREAT overview and summation of the current situation, Tucson!!!
American power, righteousness, and leadership in the world TRUMPS cockamamie liberal self hatred and societal decline.
Thank you, President Trump!!!

"One wonders: Do Democrats blinded by hatred of Trump ever wonder how that 40% of the nation that sees him as the repository of their hopes will react if, rather than beat him at the ballot box, they remove him in this way?" (impeachment)
-- Pat Buchannan

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