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September 01, 2019


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Great. Wonderful. Fine and dandy.
But you and I and everyone else knows exactly what will become of this:
Some cockamamie, ultra, ultra, ultra, left wing, off the charts, liberal, obama judge will put a stop to it.
Meanwhile our Salem City Manager is endorsing a free needle hand-out program for junkies in our city.
Our society has not hit bottom yet, although heading in that direction.
Sickening that it may take an event like the hurricane on the east coast or Cascadia to rip to bring level heads back into order.
Meanwhile "left coast" USA swirls in the bowl......
ALL DUE to failing ultra liberal policy.

The Portland case may have simply established that "just being somewhere" is not a crime. If this is true (I am relying on my memory here and, well...), then, if an exclusion order can be issued for repeated violations and violation of the order can result in a charge of trespass, then the ordinance would clearly be an "end run" around the Portland ruling. The behavior targeted by the ordinance would be the precipitating event and the criminal sanctions would not have come about without the original violation. In a sense, the exclusion order is an unrecognized criminal sanction. It exposes a person to substantial repercusions (being put at risk of being charged with trespass) as a result of what would otherwise be considered to be a minor offense.
So, yes, Skyline. If enacted, this proposed law could face a challenge. Perhaps a legally viable solution can be found for this problem.
But not to worry.
If the current trend continues, most civil rights and the historic respect for the rule of law will continue to evaporate - even within navel gazing heaven.
In that case, there will no longer be such a need to craft tricky ordinances.
We can recall that when Rudy G cleaned up Times Square, everyone knew his actions were illegal but nobody cared and few people have regretted the results.

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