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August 09, 2019


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"Like many progressives, I look back with a strange fondness upon the presidential days of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. "
That is because "progressives" (of which you fake that you are one of) are all about milquetoast, worthless, stuffed shirt "leaders".
Didn't you just love Hitlery's canned, mechanical speaking style?
"Oh, she is so presidential!"
GOOD BYE to the glad-handing good 'ol boy , go along and get along, self promoters from the past that led our nation THE LIBERAL MESS that it's in today.
And then there they were; all lined up for a photo shoot, or all out playing golf.
GAWD I got sick of that!!!
I love that President Trump wants NOTHING to do with any of the past losers!
Good riddance to ALL of the past presidents of my lifetime; THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!
Americans are so starved for true leadership that they wouldn't recognize it if it was right in front of them.

-- "Trump decrying "fake news!" at every opportunity, even though the mainstream media is hugely more truthful than the lies that constantly spew from Trump's lips."

-- But the news IS fake. Trump is right. How do I know? I watch what happened like a speech or event. Then I go to various news media to see how they report it. If it involves Trump it is consistently convoluted, taken out of context, distorted, omitted, exaggerated, lied about in some way so that it makes Trump look bad. They lie. All the mainstream media is absolutely corrupt. It is institutional bias.They have a clear political agenda... Get Trump at any cost. There are no journalistic standards anymore. If you don't see that, then their job is done. They own you.

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