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August 18, 2019


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"Skyline, I'm correct and you are wrong. Salem is indeed a liberal town. " Brian Hines

HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA !!!!!!!
I accept your apology for your VERY inaccurate, degrading statement about our fine city, Salem Oregon!!!
I love and appreciate all of your hard work.
But you need a BIG, "pull your head out" reality adjustment to continue to be effective.
And the bong isn't what I'm suggesting......

Good for you Daniel.
I am reminded of how the Historical Landmarks Commission rolled over when the Blind School was sacrificed. Those members should have all resigned after the City made it clear that they were a powerless group (or, at least, during the process, threatened to resign)
It can't be much fun to serve on these commissions if your recommendations pertaining to issues that you find of greatest importance carries no meaningful weight at Council. It makes you irrelevant because, in matters that are relatively unimportant, any advice you offer would not carry enough weight to sway planners one way or the other.
Hey, Skyline. You and Brian are both correct. Salem has a strong conservative element that holds most power and favors religiosity and extreme economic growth but it also has an element of liberals that would like to see their kids have a functioning planet when they get older.
The important distinction is that the conservatives are aging out (please spare me any contradictory statistical facts here) and the Salem liberals are sufficiently stirred up to make sure that their ideas about what constitutes good government will be adopted, for better or for worse.
It is kind of like, at the turn of the century, Janet Taylor supporters and other real estate forces, led by The Chamber, had had just about enough of one Mayor Swaim who actually, in trying to be fair to all (a good argument could be made that he was overly restrictive, in the liberal, self righteous tradition) and who realized that poorly managed and irresponsible growth would have dire consequences, stirred up those committed to extreme growth to the point where they simply felt compelled to act before the opportunity to hasten the scourges of nearly total transportation gridlock and air that you can cut with a knife could be fully realized.

Thank you, Kurt.
Certainly, I am one who seeks balance (unlike brother Brian)in everything.
O.K. I'm sorry. Brian DOES seek balance, he just writes about the extreme for effect.
Janet Taylor, and if you can remember far enough back, my good friend, Tom Nielson had one VERY important thing in common as mayors; they were job creators.
Young couples in Salem are going to starve trying to buy shoes and braces for their children while working as snarky blog writers.
All other arguments aside, we live in a world with over 7.6 billion mouths to feed, educate, cloth and house.
ALL of the cockamamie, ultra, ultra, ultra, off the charts left wing nonsense goes right down the drain when those needs aren't met.
When the next Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake rips, there won't be anyone even thinking about liberal anything! EVERYONE will become ultra conservative in no time!
Looking back through history; liberalism is an option in the good times.
I prefer leaders that put food on the table in good times and bad.

Two of the most important causes of overpopulation are religion and poverty. Catholic opposition to birth control and Christian efforts to limit the right to choose have had real consequences. I live among the poor. It is often difficult to read in my apartment because there are so many children playing outside. Poor people have kids in order to provide their families with economic security. People who are economically secure and are not influenced by religion when making family planning decisions have fewer children.
Mayor Swaim did emphasize job creation but when he closed the mushroom factory on Cordon Road (out of an excessive and inappropriate concern for worker welfare), many jobs were lost. A friend's dad ran the place and he was good people. Workers were satisfied and were paid relatively well. The site still sits empty. It was liberalism gone wild.
I agree that liberalism is a luxury but when I see so called conservatives act inhumanely, I tend to assume that they do so as a result of an undeserved self perception of superiority - not as actions required by economic or security related concerns. For this reason, we need Brians to help keep them honest.
One thing I miss about not having Mayor Swaim in office is the way he welcomed all to the speaker's podium. Even when speakers were rude and misinformed, he treated them with dignity and respect. People were not afraid to express themselves and it broadened the conversations. It also made me appreciate how well government could operate and exemplified what a government that tries to represent the interests of all citizens should look like.
Younger people have not lived through the hard times that their parents and grandparents lived through so they cannot imagine hardships that make the question of whether plastic straws can be used seem comically irrelevant.
I expect extreme reactions if what seems to be an impending recession materializes.

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