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August 23, 2019


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Batshit (a.k.a. guano) is insulted by your comparing it to Trump, and then apologizing to its makers instead of it...

Maybe he's just trying to "Strange Up" D.C.
5 more years to go....

The best President ever unemployment at a fifty ( YES 50) YEAR LOW..and I do not believe its in our constitution for Mexicans , Guatemalans, etc...to bring thier lazy pregnant family across the border to sloth on our tax dollars ...Would love to see that part of the constitution....he said something about bailing a country out and it would then become part of the USA..NOTHING CRAZY ABOUT THAT ...THEY ARE THE ONES THE PRIME MINISTER ( WITCH) and THE FREAKING NEWS CHANNELS ...THAT IS WHO IS BATSHIT CRAZY ...THEM AND ALL THE IDIOTS THAT CANNOT ACCEPT THAT THIEVING LIAR HILLARY LOST EVEN WITH ALL THE LIBERAL ELECTION TAMPERING...STUFF IT STUPID

Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution—still apply. Those born in the United States are considered citizens.

And speaking of "Bat shit" crazy:
I see today an article in the failing Statesman Urinal, that the petition(s) for Cockamamie Kate Brown is on track to make the November ballot!
Now, the days of your fooling readers is far behind all of us with your openly honest DISGUST with her over the last year.
Have you signed the petition yet, Brian? Hmmmmm?
Remember; this isn't about electing a "R" governor.
It's about removing Oregon's worst governor EVER!
Hey; bring back Gov. Tax Koolaidgougeme! 1000 times better than Krooked Kate.
O.K. I'm sure you are back into the lock-stepper mode.
"D" at all costs. Never mind...

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