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June 22, 2019


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If you want something to rant and rave about, how about legislators assigning the "Emergency Clause" to as many bills as they can?
Why do they do this?
Answer: To block citizen activists like Brian Hines (and I) from sending their cockamamie bills back to the voters through the initiative process.
How in hell can Brian Hines OF ALL PEOPLE support this fraudulent suppression ?
Disrupting our democratic process by rubber-stamping bills with the emergency clause is no better or different than the minority party fleeing the state as a disruption technique.
Here is a bill that needs to be introduced and needs the emergency clause invoked:
A bill to narrowly define qualified "emergencies" that may lead to the invocation of the emergency clause:
1) Natural Disaster
2) War
3) Civil unrest
4) Etc...
Short of that, the clause is DISALLOWED!!!
Of course this suggestion is practical, tangible and common sense based which puts it over the head of most ultra-liberals.

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