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June 05, 2019


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Salem is NOT a liberal town.
So right off the bat you're off on the wrong foot.
Secondly, the candidates said all of the wrong things to a very conservative voter base.
If you want to win an election, you must address the voter's issues.
NONE OF THEM DID! If they did, they may have fared better.
And after the failure of the 3rd bridge effort by Salem City Council (which they got right), you are going to see just how conservative voters are in their next election.
They're going to get an ass kicking.
So step out of your glass house, take off your rose colored glasses and take the bucket off your head:
Salem is a VERY conservative city and hopefully gets much more so.
Hugs & Kisses! xoxoxoxoxo

Skyline, I'm correct and you are wrong. Salem is indeed a liberal town. As I noted in a December 2016 blog post, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 59% to 38% among Salem voters in the presidential election. Clinton won in every ward in Salem, even the most conservative ones. See:


And in recent years progressives have dominated in City Council elections, where they now hold a 6-3 majority. So yes, Salem is a liberal town.

As someone who always votes in statewide and federal elections, but doesn't keep up with local politics, I regret sitting this one out. It's hard to find good information about local candidates. With partisan positions it's easy enough to vote down-the-line R or D, but for local nonpartisan candidates it can be hard to figure out what's what. I'll definitely make an effort to get informed before the next school board election, it's really unfortunate to have right-wingers succeed at this kind of power grab in a mostly progressive area. Just stumbled on this blog, it's good to see there's a local progressive voice out there!

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