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June 03, 2019


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Meanwhile, today's Statesman Urinal headline:
Yes, traffic that funnels into downtown Salem, slowing to a crawl on a daily basis is EVEN FURTHER slowed!
Really? Who would have ever thought!
For fun, let's make a comparison:
A 400 HP semi pulling 80,000 lbs travels one mile through downtown Salem ( HWY 22) traffic at a crawl,
A 400 HP semi pulling 80,000 lbs travels one mile through Salem on I-5 at a steady 60 mph.
Which example emits the most exhaust within a given mile?
How would emissions in Salem change if we closed I-5 and had ALL southbound traffic exit at Portland Rd and all northbound traffic exit at Commercial St and crawl through Salem?
Ridiculous idea, isn't it?
Yeah; ridiculous it is!

Being able to walk almost everywhere I want to go (and bike most of the others) really has improved my quality of life. I would be far less satisfied if I had to get back into the car every time I wanted to do something. And an awful lot of Salem is a mile-plus to the nearest grocery store. I would not like that.

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