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June 26, 2019


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"Senate Republicans need to end their walkout temper tantrum and vote on HB 2020..."
WOW, Brian.
All I can say is WOW!


THOUSANDS of people protesting AGAINST HB 2020
Just look at those vile, disgusting, animals sassing Kate Brown.
Who do they think they are?
Why hasn't she called upon the Oregon Sate police to remove them?
Don't they know their place?
They are to GENERATE tax for Kate NOT sass her about how it's spent.
Look at them!! EEWWWW, gross! Jeans, dirt under their fingernails; disgusting vermin at best.
Not a blogger or librarian in the crowd.


More coverage of the underclass, wretched, deplorable s.
HOW can anything get done in our society with despicable people like this addicted to work?

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