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May 23, 2019


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Brian, another explanation for the Public Works Director's comment might be that he worked for about 15 years for a City Council made up almost entirely of Climate Change deniers or agnostics. There are still two of them on the Council, Councilors Lewis and Nanke, that he works with very closely on water (Nanke) and transportation issues (Lewis). What we really need to do is replace Nanke next year and Lewis in 2022. The Public Works Director's boss, the City Manager, has also shown no interest in planning to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, as most other Oregon cities our size have already done. He failed to recommend any funding to embark on a Climate Action Plan in the upcoming fiscal year, even though developing such a plan is in the Council's adopted strategic plan. Councilor Andersen appears to have the votes to add $50,000 to the Manager's budget to get started. But it's concerning that the staff is unenthusiastic, at best, about this.

Hey Brian,

Super curious what evidence you have to support these pretty big claims you have regarding the Public Works Director? It's my understanding that the City of Salem (with Peter as the Director) has generally been very supportive of climate science. Are you aware that the City of Salem plants 600 trees a year? Or how about the fact that they changed all the light bulbs in their street lamps to LED? Or what about the solar panels on top of the conference center?

I think that someone who actively works to help make our city more sustainable and environmentally friendly is going to be pretty supportive of climate science, but that's just a hunch. If you can point me in the direction of your evidence to support your claim, however, that would be fantastic.

What it really seems like, and I'm just spit balling here, is that you intentionally misread his quote in order to make a point about someone who clearly seem to have a personal vendetta against. Perhaps some light introspection on your part could be helpful?


p.s. Would also love to hear how you feel you're doing your part to help combat climate change from unincorporated Marion County, a place where you have to drive everywhere. :)

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