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May 06, 2019


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Just what is fanatical about believing in right to life!!! No, it's much more mainstream to believe that abortion on demand has anything to do with women's health in this advanced medical age. There is NO NEED to abort an unborn child in order to save the mother, it's merely for convenience!! Stated so by an ex abortion doctor with change of heart after performing abortions for many years. She gets my vote!!!

Any time you see a political organization making up a phony organizational name to hide behind, you have to wonder how much else of what they have to say is phony, as well.

All women have the right to their own reproductive healthcare. Plain and simple. It is not the right of others to enter into the decisions of healthcare of another human being.

Wow! ....that's great !!! ......thanx for the heads up, I'll be voting for Marty :)

Robin wrote: "Plain and simple.It is not the right of others to enter into the decisions of healthcare of another human being."

-- The problem: there are two human beings involved. It is not plain and simple.

I would argue that killing a baby is others making "healthcare" decisions for that baby.

It is generally agreed that it is the right of a woman to make healthcare decisions for herself.

It is also generally agreed that the mother is responsible for the healthcare of her child.

Does this include the right to kill her unborn child? Is this being responsible for the health and welfare of the child?

The term "healthcare" in this context is absurd. It's sugar coating what is really going on.. killing a baby to get rid of it. Just call it what it is.. abortion.

Does the unborn child with a beating heart, a living human being, have rights? I don't know. Rights are abstract concepts. We agree to concepts about rights in an attempt to establish order and fairness in society, for the common good.

This controversy will never end. So a compromise should be agreed upon. Make the decision to abort within the first trimester and/or before the fetus has a beating heart. Otherwise, the mother is stuck. I'm sorry she was raped or she forgot to take her pill, or just slipped up. Now, the situation is this.. another human being is involved. That's the reality.

Put the baby up for adoption or, if the pregnancy threatens the mother's life, then killing the baby can be resorted to. Or go somewhere that has no laws in this regard and proceed as desired.

Still think Salem is a "progressive" town?
Salem is (thankfully) a very conservative town.
I'm proud of Salem!

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