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May 13, 2019


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As registered democrats from the time we were old enough to vote it has boiled down to this:
In the last elections, we voted for exactly one (1) democrat; Kurt Schrader.
NO other democrat candidates came EVEN CLOSE to getting our vote.
Over the last 40 years the democrat party has abandoned mainstream Americans.
The glory days of the "party of the people" are long gone.
"Well then, why don't you change affiliation" you might ask?
Answer: Because we live in Oregon. We do not need to put a target on our back by changing parties while still behind enemy lines. The snarky, sneaky, snotty, snydeness of the lock-step democrat party in Oregon is only getting worse and worse.
So, unlike my straight line thinking, blind-lockstepping friend Brian, we actually evaluate ALL of the candidates on the ballot and vote with our mind, heart and common sense.
Oregon's biggest problem is it's low information, ill informed , lazy voters.
And unions.
Don't blame Oregon's "leadership". Put the blame where it belongs. And that is with Oregon's cockamamie voters.

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