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May 21, 2019


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Again, the picture you displayed with your comments included a restaurant that I worked in during my college days (although owned by a different company).
In the early '70s we had bum problems as well.
You know what else we had? Cops. Cops with billy clubs.
Problem solved.
What do we have now?
Until our nation comes to terms with the moral cancer that is rampant and unbridled ultra-liberalism,
the problems that you describe will only continue to swirl in the bowl.
You can't have it both ways!
Time to GET REAL. Liberalism is a self destructive, mental disorder.
Make your choice.

I appreciate you giving permission to both care about the homeless AND care about a clean and thriving downtown. We don’t have to choose sides. Instead let’s use our time and resources to creativity problem solve. I see the cops with billy clubs comment above and I
inwardly groan. That’s absolutely the WORST of both worlds. Not only do we dehumanize fellow citizens without homes with the use of violence, but also don’t save any money. In fact, criminalizing homelessness just costs more. Billy clubs aren’t magic wands. They don’t make homeless people actually disappear. They just send them to the ER or to jail where they cost the public a heckofalot. Instead we should be using that money to humanely relocate and rehouse

Holy smokes, homelessness is a very complicated and difficult problem. Mostly, it's a problem for those who are homeless. Yes, there are people with mental health issues and people with addiction issues and some with both. (I often wonder how long I'd stay sober myself if I had to live outdoors.) I really don't have any answers, even though I have spent quite a lot of time thinking about this. I agree that it is unrealistic to expect the city to "solve" the problem. And chasing people out of downtown sends them elsewhere, where people will be as unhappy and freaked out as people downtown are now. (If you doubt this, read the Nextdoor posts about someone putting up a tent in a neighborhood.) Is there anything a regular citizen can do to help? As opposed to growling at public officials or at others who are doing what they think helps?

Hey, failing ultra liberal,
Here's some more of your failing policy coming to Salem city steets:

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