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April 16, 2019


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Teen suicide prevention is everyone’s business. Last year 16 youth died by suicide in Marion County. Satya is far more qualified than David Salinas in helping schools come up with a plan to prevent teen suicide. He has spent thirty years serving countless children,families, veterans and seniors. I have worked with him for several years and have seen first hand what this man can do in helping people, saving lives. He doesn't just "talk", he jumps in and helps to solve the issues our students face.

Thanks for this warning, Brian. Religious fanaticism, no matter which brand, has no legitimate place in the management of public affairs.

I'm so disturbed by this campaign you -Brian Hines are attempting to stir up. Dr. Chandrageris life work is to help others, to ease the living hell many with mental health issues suffer from, to provide hope and comfort to those who are struggling. To paint his campaign with a broad brush like this offends me. I did not know that he was affiliated with the Right To Life organization in any way, but it does not surprise me that he supports life in all forms. How dare you assume that because he respects the rights of the unborn that he does not also respect the rights and needs of those who are born. Please take the time learn more about this candidate, this man, and his reason for running for the school board. His place on the board, with his expertise and interest in the mental needs of children, would be an asset to this community.

The Right-to-Life endorsed candidates aren't just anti-choice, they are right-wing on a wide range of issues. Both Heyen and Chandragiri ran for House seats on far-right Republican platforms last year, and Heyen is on record in support of allowing guns in schools.

It's not so much that Right-to-Life is trying to over the school board -- it's that they are bank-rolling right-wing Republican efforts to take over the school board.

When an unborn girl is aborted, what happens to her "right to choose"?

Dr.Satya is one of the kindest people I know. He has his personal views, and doesn’t push it on others. He loves all people, and is the most qualified for the job. You are running a dirty campaign, Shame on you.

These Freaks are not Right-To-Life. They are Anti-Womens-Rights. And they can kiss my ass.

Salem Resident, I'm sure Satya Chandragiri is a kind, loving person. He also is endorsed by Oregon Right to Life, and he has conservative political views.

Also, I'm not involved with any school board campaigns. I simply am supporting the three non-Right-to-Life candidates. Also, also, it isn't "dirty" to report facts about who is contributing money to campaigns.

That's public information available to anybody via the ORESTAR system in the Secretary of State's web site.

You mean like the zealotry represented by the "KILL ALL THE BABIES!" Abortionists? You, in other words?

Sorry, murder is murder. Abortion is murder...and frankly, I hope "Right to life" wins.

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