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April 18, 2019


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"I've read the tweets. I've looked over Washington Post and New York Times stories. I've listened to much of what MSNBC had to offer"

--There's your problem, right there.

Get ready for five and a half more years. Bad for both of us..

For you.. the frustration of trying to get him and failing.
eating at your guts day in, day out.
For me.. hearing about everyone trying to get him and failing day in, day out.
and nothing getting done at all.

It's insane. For relief I think I'll take off on a 30 footer at Tavarua and ride into oblivion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODshd_COiPo

What kind of report would we be reading right about now if America had voted for Monica Lewinski's ex-boyfriend's wife?
A sickening thought.

Good synopsis of the whole Russiagate thing. The first 24 minutes will do the trick. Easy guy to listen to. Calm, intelligent, informed. Not a zealot throwing slings and arrows.


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