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March 26, 2019


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The sleeping ban should be for 24 / 7.
The only reason for someone prone in the downtown area is due to a medical emergency.
Anyone found laying down should be interviewed and sent to proper treatment.
Subsequent offenses should result in a one way bus ticket that must have a destination OUT of Marion County.

The proposed ban would address the complaints of housed people at the expense of homeless people. If that's what you're into, Brian and Carole, then you have every right to continue to pursue it, though compassion hardly has anything to do with it. As Jeff Kositsky says, “You can’t solve homelessness by addressing housed people’s complaints, you solve homelessness by addressing homeless people’s needs.”

The Good Neighbor Partnership proposed by the Downtown Homeless Solutions Task Force is a much better answer to the problem than any ban.

Their used to be laws against vagrancy. If you didn't move on the cop would hit you with a billy club. . only once if you were lucky. In those days cops on their beats were bad asses that didn't take crap from vagrants on their turf.

Some people are vagrants. It's a lifestyle. They choose it and whatever hassles go with the territory.

That doesn't mean those who are receptive shouldn't get help if society has the means to do it.

We used to sleep on the beach sometimes so that we would be there for glassy morning surf. In some localities that was against local ordinances and we would be awakened in the middle of the night by cops telling us to leave. They'd ask why we were there and we'd explain. They'd say, "Well, you can't sleep here." So, we'd pack up and sleep somewhere else. It wasn't complicated.

From 4/1/19 U.S. News article, posted on Huffpost, by Sarah Ruiz-Grossman:

"The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in San Francisco, rejected a petition Monday for a rehearing from the city of Boise, Idaho, in the case of Martin v. Boise. The court essentially maintained its September 2018 ruling that prosecuting or otherwise punishing homeless people for sleeping on the street if they have nowhere else to go qualifies as “cruel and unusual punishment” and is unconstitutional.

The September ruling applied to all cities in the 9th Circuit’s jurisdiction, which encompasses western U.S. states including California, Washington, Oregon and more.

The case stems from a 2009 lawsuit filed on behalf of six homeless Boise residents that claimed the city’s citations under its “camping and disorderly conduct” ordinances violated the Eighth Amendment, which bars cruel and unusual punishment. "

This is particularly interesting because a Supreme Court opinion was just issued that death row prisoners have no right to a pain free death. National embarrassment Brett Kavanaugh joined the majority, of course.

It is cruel and unusual punishment for the public to have to walk carefully to avoid stepping on turds, syringes, and vomit left by homeless people on the sidewalks, parks and alleyways of San Francisco and similar municipalities.

Were the victims of death row prisoners murdered painlessly? Was the victims' right not to be murdered painfully observed by the prisoners?

You can't expect mercy when you give none yourself. In this world you can't expect mercy even if you do give mercy yourself.

I favor the guillotine over lethal injection, electrocution, firing squad, or hanging if the goal is a pain free death which is almost instantaneous when administered by a guillotine in proper working condition.

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