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March 18, 2019


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I hope Salem can overcome its systemic racism to elect one or both of these candidates. In the last school board election, a highly qualified Hispanic candidate was defeated by a candidate whose only qualification was being white. We can do better than that!

But I refuse to base my vote on race or color.
Shame on you for suggesting that.
I'll look at qualifications.

Glad that Skyline is going to look at qualifications, because Raul and David, and Chuck Lee in District 6, are clearly the most qualified candidates for our school board. Here are their qualifications, in summary:

In 2018, as a senior at McKay High School, Raul raised over $400,000 to fund Taylor's House, Salem's first homeless youth shelter. Today he is a freshman at Willamette University studying political science. He has served as an intern for Senator Jeff Merkley and for State Representative Diego Hernandez. He is a member of the Board of the Mid-Willamette Valley United Way.

David is an electrician, a Project Manager for Cherry City Electric. He came up the hard way and had to quit school to support his family. But with the help of some dedicated mentors he attended Chemeketa Community College, earned his GED and apprenticed to learn a trade. Today he is an active parent with four children in Salem-Keizer schools. He recently served on the Salem-Keizer School District Boundary Task Force.

Chuck Lee has worked as a teacher, principal and school administrator for over 35 years. He is the Founder and President of the Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC), Salem's nationally renowned technical education program, and President Emeritus of Blanchet Catholic School. He is a former Keizer City Councilor and is serving in his third term on the Salem-Keizer School District Board.

These are three superbly qualified candidates!

I agree with Skyline. Don't like racism? Then forget about it. No thoughts about diversity or equal representation of COLOR. Just see people. An American is an American. Melanin is a pigment. Some Americans have more melanin and some have less.

Here's an issue: Some candidates are taller and some are shorter. I've noticed a preference for taller candidates. I want more diversity. Vote short!!!

Sarcasm aside.. Look, I get it. You think the Latino community should be more represented. As the Latino community grows so will the number of candidates and thus more melanin enhanced people will be on school boards. Chill out. Don't worry. it will happen of its own accord. If not this time, maybe the next.

One of the primary reasons Obama was elected was because of his enhanced melanin. "Isn't it nice we have this articulate black man in office now!" Ironically racial division and disharmony have have increased as a result of his policies. He promised more unity and instead was one of the most divisive presidents in history.. one of the Great Founders of identity politics.

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