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February 19, 2019


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Next time you hop onto HWY 22 heading east from Salem, take note of the following:
Every new interchange that has been constructed in recent years involves ramps, NOT intersections.
Yes, there are still may intersections in place. But as improvements take place they are disappearing and being replaced with freeway style clover-liefs.
Interesting; huh?
Now head west from Salem on 22 and notice the junction at Rickreall, recently modified.
EXCELLENT clover lief.
HWY 22 is slowly morphing into a first class East - West freeway, as it well should.
But, where is the bottle neck?
Hmmmm....Where could it be,,where could it be???
AND, what secondary problems does the bottleneck inflict on society?

We need to take a deep breath and go all the way back to the drawing board.
The ideal solution to our current bridge congestion should address as may objectives as possible.
Kill as may birds with one stone as possible.

Can we start with a comprehensive list of all objectives that we seek to address?
I believe that the HWY 22 East - West "Straight Shot" solution will meet all objectives.

One thing is for certain. Once constructed and in use, our current bridges would look like an empty parking lot. Our city will be tranquil. 100% man made and 100% man curable global warming will be greatly reduced in our area. ;-)

To be honest, I'm tired of this being about the way that people express their frustration, this isn't Kindergarten and in real adult world, we deal with real adult feelings, and no one should be getting merits or demerits for it, this is a real issue affecting real people, and they are going to have real, actual feelings about it, if the council feels that that is an environment is too hard for them to do their jobs, maybe we need a different council.

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