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February 02, 2019


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This is so sad. The first solution she offers sounds like an animal shelter. She needs to seek out some local churches to help. We have several in Erie, PA that open their doors during winter months and offer a place to sleep. The churches all take turns over the long winter months. Cots and blankets are offered in a controlled environment. Maybe if the city pulls together they could help both homeless and businesses in your town. Perhaps you do already have something in place, but need more help? 💕

Interesting that the video was shot right in front of the restaurant that I worked in while in college in the 1970s.
Although we never had problems with bums sleeping in the doorway, we had other problems with them on a fairly regular basis.
If they came in and ordered a meal we would insist that they pay up front. YES, this was profiling; deal with it!
Anyway, it almost always ended up in an no food served, an altercation, and a police officer throwing them out. We had a few bums that had been ordered not to enter the premises after multiple occurrences, that we always assumed just wanted a night in the slammer.
The dumpster was often used as a shelter behind the restaurant. Unfortunately, this was sometimes realized only after an 80 gallon trash barrel of wet coffee grounds and food scraps was dumped right on their head.
Nothing has really changed that much on court st in 44 years other than failing liberal policy that has emboldened bums, hoe-beaus, and transients to be more aggressive.
Back in the day the police made quick work out of disorderly conduct.
Today, ALL conduct that is encouraged by liberals seems to be disorderly.


Check it out!

Yes let's treat the homeless like animals. That's a good idea. How about offering help, a solution, a donation. I'll be sure to NEVER shop at a downtown business again. Maybe when they are all out of business a few homeless shelters will open there. Let's hope these heartless people NEVER have to struggle with mental illness, addiction or homelessness. Greedy *****

Here's an idea idiots.
I've been homeless for ten years and waited on a housing list for 3 years and endured dangerous situations with my newborn daughter because dumb asses can't seem to funds tiny homes or open up more shelters. And homeless ppl down town are on crack or heroin
Not some hullshit mental illness
I have mental health problems like borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression (pff) enough is enough. Stop allowing buses to bring ppl here and come out with a statement that states facts. Salem (and any capital if any state for that matter) are broke county's. And always will be.
Eugene is where they should start and will house homeless ppl. They built tiny village houses for homeless ppl in Eugene so it needs to be all over the media
Go to Eugene. Well at least if your gonna take a bus to Oregon then take it to Eugene. Because this town is already over populated.
Maybe if the police actually did their jobs then ppl would still want to shop down town won't they. But most of those selfish pricks just feed off of drama and don't want bums in jail I guess

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