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January 09, 2019


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And I disagree with you totally. Our security is a game to Democrats! Since both pelosi and Schumer have said they want border security but this is a power struggle for them!! In the end they will.lose!!

Another very important aspect of Donald Trump:
He is President, and you're not.
Nor am I.
All hail the Chief!

I agree totally with Denise.

Here is a concise and clear explanation why we need a wall and border security, everyone should read, right, left or left field. And it's done in just a couple of minutes:


GREAT video, LB!
Unfortunately, Those afflicted with a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome will unwittingly allow the information to breeze in one ear and breeze out the other.
But nice try!

That's right Skyline. They only hear what they want to hear. Also, TDS changes the way they perceive language. Trump says, " We need a wall to enhance border security." Those with TDS hear him differently. They hear the same words something like this.. "I don't like Mexicans and I want to keep them out with the biggest wall possible. I prefer white people. White people are better than brown people. I don't give a damn about Hispanics. They can all drown in the Rio Grande as far as I'm concerned."

It's a serious affliction.

Take Shummer for example. He and Pelosi stand there for the press after the meeting Trump walked out of a couple of days ago like a couple of buzzards on a fence. Ok, fine. They don't like Trump, but they are raging hypocrites. Take this video of Shummer talking about border security in 2009...


Unbelievable, that guy.

Blogger said: "So far in his presidency he's noted for breaking deals -- Paris climate change agreement..."

True, he is noted for breaking bad deals such as the Paris Climate accord.


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