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January 04, 2019


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I have several concerns.
1. The developer has carefully avoided having to improve extremely dangerous Reed Road that is the access to Heritage School and this enormous apartment development.
2. I don't believe the proposed apartment complex adheres to the Fairview Master Plan. There is supposed to be a "Town Center" at this location.
3. Unbelievably, there is no Architect. So no architecture. Instead, the developer is having his civil engineer plan some cookie-cutter apartment blocks, like you see all over Salem by this developer. Salem, and especially Fairview, deserves better.
With no improvement proposed to the most dangerous street in Salem, this is totally wrong for the area next to Heritage School.

We need more apartments near Fairview Industrial Park. The Fairview master plan has not been followed for years. The new Fairview Park is not in accordance with the Fairview Plan. We want higher density and this project provides that. The neighborhood association voted to allow this development. How many public schools are near apartments and why should this private school be 'protected' from being near apartments.

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