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January 17, 2019


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Brian, the City continues to spend money of the bridge because Council has asked staff more than twenty questions for the remand workshop on January 30th. Once that information is digested by the current council, a Council decision will be proffered

Thanks for this very interesting post Brian. Everyone should remember that Salem had 14 years of governance by the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, beginning in 2003 when Mayor Janet Taylor was sworn in until 2017 when Chris Hoy took his seat on the Council, making a total of five Progressives, and breaking the hold of the Chamber on our city government. Those 14 years created a culture that does not easily change, particularly with senior and mid-level management. Our current City Manager was hired by the old Chamber majority led by Mayor Anna Peterson. As you point out, there are still three holdovers from the Chamber-elected Council. So it may take some more replacements in 2020 before we really begin to see a Progressive city government. That can happen, and I believe it will happen. The good news is we are creating a terrific bench of Progressive leaders in Salem who aspire to public office (e.g., Trevor Phillips, Sadie Carney, Shelaswau Crier, Vanessa Nordyke, Micki Varney). The future looks bright!

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