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January 29, 2019


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Brian, there is nothing more refreshing, validating and soul cleansing than dealing with reality.
Here is some reality for you to practice on:
President Trump WILL BE REELECTED in 2020. Will be; did you get that?
Now, if you want to go back through your blogs to check; I TOLD YOU that he was going to win the presidency the first time.
He is going to win the election by an even larger margin this time.
Is that because he's so great? Maybe not.
Then why is he so popular?
Answer: Because democrats have set their agenda's down the sewer!
The democrat party offers NOTHING of substance to mainstream America.
Why would anyone vote for an agenda based in the sewer?
Schultz or no Schultz, America is reclaiming their country from the swill of sewer level agendas.
Hugs and Kisses!! XOXOXOXO

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