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January 26, 2019


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Thr Gary H firing is BS. He was always so responsive and informative in his emails to me. He had the Beaver beat and wrote excellent stories. He will be missed.
I to was along time Statesman subscribe. The final rate hike was the last straw.

Have been trying to contact the SJ for some time now via phone , using various 'options "on the phone tree- to no avail- well Ill take that back, one human voice shunted me off immediatly when I mentioned that I wanted an

'adjustment to our bill of $57.00 per month since they took the USA section away, the other "voice" was located in Green Bay Wisconsin , said she was with circulation- i asked if she worked for Gannett and she said yes and I said too bad- and she couldn't help either-
next day went to office on Vista Ave. sign on door said Bev had retired and the office was closed-
Any suggestions how I cancel this "rag" of a paper ?
Will subscribe to another "print " paper as soon as I can stop paying that $57.00 to a worthless peice of sh--!

Carol, I'd go to this Help page under your account: https://help.statesmanjournal.com

I've found that the chat function on the left side works well. That gives you a written record of what you and the other person said during your chat function.

There's also a phone number, but it sounds like you've already tried phoning 1-800-556-3975

Another idea: cancel your subscription, then restart as a new subscriber, if you're still interested in getting the Statesman Journal. New subscribers pay considerably less than existing subscribers.

I did this myself via a chat session, which I shared in this blog post:


I was a paperboy delivering the Capitol Journal when the Oregon Statesman / Capitol Journal replaced their outdated letterpress, printing presses with new lithographic presses.
There was a HUGE party at the print shop for all employees including paperboys.
It must have made an impression(sorry!) because I, later on in life went through an apprenticeship and became a journey printing press operator. I printed for 15 years.
When I heard that the Statesman Urinal actually SOLD THEIR PRESSES, I was sickened.
A news paper IS NOT a newspaper without printing presses.
Sorry to say; they can't fold up shop too soon to suit me.
SHAME ON YOU, Statesman Urinal. You SOLD YOUR PRESSES!!!!


Good analysis of the death spiral for news-like products

We moved from Salem to Albany in June and was pleasantly surprised to find the Democrat Herald to be vastly superior to the SJ, to which we had subscribed for years. I'm not sure of the ownership model for the DH and its companion Corvallis Gazette Times, but they sure aren't the vampire owners that Gannett is. But I also read the New Yorker piece, which is sobering, and fear for the DH just because the tide is definitely running against it.

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