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November 06, 2018


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Brian –

I've been watching in dismay over the past several years, as you have been exhibiting your abject, unquestioning worship of what used to be the “Democratic” party (to which I gave several decades of my life until Clinton and Frum turned in onto the path toward fascism in the 90s.)

I urge you to read through the comments in this thread:
You will find a solid dose of unpleasant reality there.

That site is peopled almost entirely with intelligent, informed persons who read, research, and absolutely know what they're talking about.

It's fortunate for the country that the Dems took the house last night and can tie Trump's hands, if only just loosely. Just don't expect them to transform the Untied States into a land of unicorns and kittens. Their rabid, lunatic war-lust against Russia, alone, will destroy much of what's left of American democracy.

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